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Pink Regenesis of the Curse

Pink Regenesis of the Curse is an open durational performance by Ryuichi Fujimura and WeiZen Ho, commissioned by Inner West Council for Biennale of Sydney in April 2024. Informed by the belief in chirei from Ryuichi’s Japanese upbringing, and WeiZen’s SouthEast Asian practice in the ‘livingness’ and inter-relationship of all things, they explore place for the possible inhabitation of Spirit. Occupying time, yet compressing time from the perspective of the place as witness, they use their bodies as memory transmitters and invocation instruments.

This work responds intimately to the real and imagined memories embedded in the land, waterways, and architecture in the White Bay area. The performance takes place across the ground floor of White Bay Power Station, emerging out of the flow of people, as well as the nooks and crannies of the building.

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