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Own Works

I began my choreographic practice in 2012. This is a list of my own choreographic works.

Pink Sugar

Pink Regenesis of the Curse is an open durational performance by Ryuichi Fujimura and WeiZen Ho, commissioned by Inner West Council for Biennale of Sydney 2024 in April 2024.


S​he will be watching is a site-specific solo performance commissioned by ArtHitect (Gary Carsley and Renjie Teoh) as a physical response to their exhibition Illawarra Pavilion (26 Feb - 29 May 2022).  It was a one-off performance taking place on 1 May 2022 at Wollongong Art Gallery.

WAG illawarra pavilion  0422-4926_LR_43.jpg

In Touch 


‘Pass-it-on’ TikTok dance project In Touch invites artists to film creative and inspiring movement within the confines of a single room in their home.

​See my work for In Touch

covid-19 Lockdown mini projects

​While in covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, I was commissioned to create two short works 

Home Bodies


Dance Makers Collective

This project commissioned 25 dance artists from across NSW and Victoria to perform short dance works made to uplift people in communities of lockdown.

​See my work for Home Bodies

Commissioned by Sydney Festival and Dance Makers Collective, Solo #5 is a five minute site specific dance I choreographed for Chris Wade as one of the ten solo dance performances featured  in In Situ for Future Makers, DMC's youth company. (2021)


'How I Practice My Religion' is my second solo dance performance work. It traces back my personal dance history and unpacks what is archived in my dancing body.


'Fall! Falter!! Dance!!!' is a humorous, poignant and sincere reflection on a contemporary dancer’s life, in which recognition is limited and the reward is small. Through this solo, self-devised performance work, I ask myself the fundamental question: ‘why perform?’ 

Ryuichi_Web (6 of 6)_Ver2.jpg

'How Did I Get Here?' is my first solo performance work. It investigates how our perception of time changes as we age, and how we recognize and accept our own mortality as we enter the autumn phase of life. 

Kate & Ryuichi _ Kate & Phillip_by Alex Wisser.jpg

'Under Harry’s Circumstances' was a 30 minute dance work that was performed in all three of the venues of the Temporal Formal at Harry Seidler City exhibition locations. 

Kate & Ryuichi _ Kate & Phillip_by Alex Wisser.jpg

Commissioned by Performance Space for 30 Ways With Time and Space, 'Under Different Circumstances' was a 10 minute dance performed in 30 different locations within Carriageworks. 


'Transit' is a site specific performance in collaboration with Venettia Miller. It was dedicated to Fraser studio which served Sydney's  artists' community from 2008 until 2012.

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