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How I Practice My Religion

'How I Practice My Religion' is my second solo dance performance work and part of my HERE NOW Trilogy. It traces back my personal dance history and unpacks what is archived in my dancing body. Evolving from my love for dance, this work is dedicated to my first three dance teachers; Margaret Lasica, Caroline English and Anastasi Siotas.  
​Duration: 20 minutes
Created and performed by Ryuichi Fujimura
​Composer: Hamed Sadeghi
Design Consultant: Tobhiyah Stone Feller
​Dramaturg: Carlos Gomes

Performance History
April 2023 as part of HERE NOW! ​@Dancehouse, Melbourn
August 2022 for DANCE DOUBLE BILL @Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney
* Jun 2019 for Form Dance's Dance Bite 'Passing it On', a double bill with Lucky Lartey's Full Circle @Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Sydney. 
* Nov 2018 for Taiwan Dance Platform @Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts , Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* ​Apr 2018 As part of Triple Bill @The Flying Nun, Sydney 
* Nov 2017 for Lonely in the Rain?, Juensuu, Finland

"How I Practice My Religion" has been developed through the support of Ausdance NSW and FORM Dance Project.

​"How I Practice My Religion" has been supported by the Australian Government through Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body (2022 Sydney presentation and 2018 Taiwan presentation)


​"How I Practice My Religion" has been supported by the NSW Government through its Create NSW (2022 Sydney presentation and 2017 Finland presentation). 

Review from Sydney Morning Herald


"He is a convincing performer whose intensity of thought is expressed in relatively simple yet dynamic actions. His cultural inheritance emerges in his approach and manner rather than in movement style – which is not surprising since his natural dance talent as a child was ignored and he didn’t begin to develop it until he was in his 20s in Australia. I’m glad he did and look forward to more." by Jill Sykes

Sydney Morning Herald

Review from The Buzz from Sydney

"Fujimura is charismatic and dances with love and feeling. His magnetic performance shares with us the mixture of sacredness and whimsy that is his dance practice. It’s a purely joyful experience to watch as he reacts to his impulses and dances in a free form and liberated style."

by Brianna McCarthy

​The Buzz from Sydney

Review from Form Dance Projects Blog

"Fujimura’s work speaks specifically to, and of, the independent contemporary dance community. As each movement characteristic was recited by Fujimura I felt my nerve endings spark to life." by Vicki Van Hout

​Form Dance Projects Blog


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