Fall! Falter!! Dance!!!

I have often wondered about the desire to perform. What keeps bringing me back to the stage? Is it the applause from the audience? The lure of the bright spotlight? The brief and torrid moment of connection with an audience reminiscent of a one night stand?

Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! is a humorous, poignant and sincere reflection on a contemporary dancer’s life, in which recognition is limited and the reward is small. Through this solo, self-devised performance work, I ask myself the fundamental question: ‘why perform?’. This work is the last  instalment of my HERE NOW Trilogy.

​(duration: 30 minutes)

​Created and Performed by Ryuichi Fujimura

​Video art by Laura Turner

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Revel low res-16.jpg

Performance Space's Live Dreams
​image by Heidrun Lohr

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Performance Space's Live Dreams
image by Heidrun Lohr

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Performance Space's Live Dreams​image by Heidrun Lohr