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Ryyuichi Fujimura

I am an independent dance artist based in Sydney. Since the mid 1990’s, I have studied contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and choreography in Australia and overseas. 


Over the twent years, I have collaborated with both emerging and established artists/companies in various dance, theatre, opera, site-specific performance and film projects including Xavier le Roy, Tino Sehgal, Asad Raza, Vicki Van Hout, Jim Sharman, Alan Schacher, Weizen Ho, Force Majeure, De Quincey Co., La Fura dels Baus, Clockfire Theatre co. and The Livingro Theatre. 


I began my choreographic practice in 2013. In collaboration with Kate Sherman, I created two site-specific performance works (Under Harry’s Circumstances in 2014 and Under Different Circumstances in 2013). 


In 2022, I have collaborated with a number of visual artists including MEL O'Callaghan, ArtHitects (Gary Carsley and Renji Teoh), Justene Williams, Saeborg and Nadia Odlum in their projects. In August, I revived Parts 1&2 of HERE NOW Trilogy (How I Practice My Religion and How Did I Get Here? ) at the Old Fitz and premiered Part 3 (Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! ) at Parramatta Riverside Theatres. In April 2023, I presented an evening length solo show "HERE NOW!" at Dancehouse, Melbourne. 

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photos by Heidrun Löhr

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